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CoinGuide – Your daily cryptocurrency source

Welcome to CoinGuide! We’re really excited to launch our site and help you in the amazing world of cryptocurrencies!

There is too much to cover in just one post – and we know you’re in a rush – so here is a quick overview of what’s coming up!


Bringing you the latest news in the cryptocurrency world; from which merchant bank thinks Bitcoin is fad to which exchange is currently struggling to keep up with new users and all the drama associated with the battle to be the best crypto!


Our comprehensive features section will include in-depth guides on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, including the services, the companies and the people behind them. Expect articles on how to safely store your cryptocurrency, how to save money when trading and just what the hell is coin staking anyway?

Project 2018

There is no point in us helping guide our visitors with which coins to invest in or which exchange to use without us putting money where our mouth is – follow our Project 2018 where we have invested in over 25 different cryptocurrencies and are documenting our portfolio over 52 weeks!


Our Altcoins section will try to list every single coin out there – giving you the technical background on each coin, it’s initial whitepaper, the roadmap ahead and info on the people behind it and what purpose of it is. We’ll be covering coins in order of popularity at first and then open to suggestions to which you want details of next!


Our in-depth reviews will cover exchanges, wallets, mining, staking and trading services – we’ll cover each company/product/coin in-depth and let you know what our verdict is. Look out for our Gold list of reviews for which we think are simply the best in the cryptocurrency world.

Reviews aren’t just our opinion either – you and other visitors will be able to rate what you think too!


Initial Coin Offerings were hot business in 2017 and 2018 looks like the trend will continue. We’ll review upcoming ICOs and give you pointers on what to look for if you want to invest in them. We’ll also invest in some and you can follow our (hopefully) successful journey!


For those looking for a little more depth – we’ll be providing step-by-step courses to help you do everything crypto related. Including how to maximise your profits and keep your losses as small as possible whilst trading and showing you the indicators, tools and services we use to make trades!


We’re launching a YouTube channel – yes, there are plenty of crypto YouTube channels out there, but we aren’t going to be shilling just one coin or platform – we’ll give you honest reviews and insights on what to look for when doing ANYTHING crypto-related. Make sure you subscribe to our channel for the latest updates!

That’s all for now – we’ve literally so much to cover in 2018!

The CoinGuide Team