What if you had Invested $5000 in 2017?

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2017 created massive returns for crypto investors

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies began to dominate the news in late 2017, but what about if you had been a savvy investor and invested $5,000 into 5 popular cryptocurrencies back on January 1st 2017?

Well, you’d have made a staggering 11183% return on your investment in just 12 months! No stocks, bonds or shares would have managed anything like that!

Let’s look at the details – all you would have needed to do was invest $1000 each in Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Dash:

CryptoPrice @ 01/01/17InvestmentPrice @ 31/12/17Sale proceeds
Bitcoin$963.661.037710 BTC$12897.70$13,384.07
Ethereum$7.98125.313283 ETH$712.21$89,249.37
Litecoin$4.33230.946882 LTC$216.97$50,108.44
Ripple$0.006523153303.694619 XRP$2.10$321,937.76
Dash$11.2189.206066 DASH$1002.99$89,472.79

That’s a total profit of $559,152.43 from $5,000 – absolutely amazing! What will surprise most people is that Bitcoin wasn’t the big winner here – despite the massive price increase, it gave the smallest return out of the all the cryptocurrencies in the portfolio! The best return was Ripple, which increased a massive 32093% in just twelve months.

It still isn’t too late to make those returns in cryptocurrency if you pick the right coins! Follow our Project 2018 and see where we end up with our 52-week investment!